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    Autela Payroll offers support in all aspects of payroll.

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    A complete guide to Work Place Pensions.

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Payroll Sectors

Our Payroll Services covers many sectors from Builders, Parish/Town Councils, Direct payments, Social Care, Village Hall, Farmers, Nursery Schools.

Payroll Information



HMRC homepage for Employers & Employees.


Pensions Regulator

All Employers have a responsibllity for Work Place Pensions, visit the Pension Regulator for details.


Help & Advice for Employers and Employees.


Expenses & Benefits

Direct access to HMRC's and the different Expenses & Benefits.

Holiday Pay

All Employes are entitled to Holiday Pay, Check out HMRC for further Info.


SSP & Leave

Employers are responsible for SSP find out your duties here on the HMRC website.



A CSS based dropdown menu with advanced options such as mutli-columns.



Styled support for RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch and K2 (3rd party).



Eight preset style variations to choose, each with configurable options.


Member Access


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