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Real Time Information and Auto Enrolment Pensions Payroll Advice

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    Auto Enrolment Pensions - What is means for your business.

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    Real Time Information.

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Payroll Sectors

We offer payroll support to various sectors.

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Payroll Overview


Payroll Tasks

What is required during the Payroll processing will here here very soon.


Income Tax

More Information on Income Tax Information will be coming soon.

National Insurance

National Insurance Details - Coming Soon.


Expenses and Benefits

More Information on the Expenses and Benefits will be shown here very soon.

Holiday Pay

More Information on the calulation of Holiday pay will be here soon.


Paying HMRC

How to pay HMRC and Deadlines.




A CSS based dropdown menu with advanced options such as mutli-columns.


Styled support for RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch and K2 (3rd party).


Eight preset style variations to choose, each with configurable options.

  • HMRC Website
  • Acas Website
  • Website
  • Pension Regulator
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Visit the HMRC website for all your PAYE and National Insurance questions.

Read More


Visit the Acas website for Employee HR regulation issues.

Read More
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image image Website

A numVisit the Website for information.

Read More

Pensions Regulator

Eight Find out your staging date and what is required as an employer.

Read More
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Payroll Extras

  • Payroll >

    We provide a flexible payroll solution tailored to your needs.
  • Payroll & Managed Account >

    We provide a tailored Payroll & Managed Account service.
  • Managed Account >

    We can provide a Managed Account to totake care of your Direct Payments Care package
  • Payroll & Pension Managed Account >

    We can provide a fully tailored Payroll and Pension solution which takes care of all your PAYE and Pension requirements.
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